6 Reasons To Visit The Hide In The Green Season

By August 2, 2018News

Africa is spectacular at any time of the year and each season holds its own unique charms and offerings. The term Green Season, Emerald Season or rainy season refers to the period in Zimbabwe and most of Southern Africa from mid-November to March. These months welcome the African rains that transform the landscape from brown and dusty to green and lush. While some argue it is not the best time to go on an African safari as animals are harder to spot, we have six reasons why we think the Green Season is a magnificent time to take your next African safari.

Hwange Skyline
1. Better Deals

A luxury African safari can be expensive, and while it is worth every cent spent, the Green Season months do offer a much cheaper alternative than the dry or high season rates. Not only are the prices cheaper in these months but there are special offers introduced to incentivise more visitors. This means that you would pay less and be able to stay and enjoy your African safari adventure for longer.

In addition to more attractive safari deals, international flights are lower during the Green Season in Africa, allowing for last-minute bookings.

At The Hide Safari Camp, we are running a Green Season special offer of $350 per person, per night, all-inclusive from November 2018 to March 2019. Click here to contact us to find out more.

Dining Luxury Safari The Hide
2. Beat the Crowds

As with most off-peak travel, a huge advantage is that you can enjoy your safari virtually crowd-free. Enjoy more one-on-one opportunities with your guides, a more personalised experience and have more of the bush to yourself.

Zebras - Game Drive At The Hide Hwange National Park
3. Births, Birds and Bugs

The welcome rain breathes life back into the dry and dusty bush and brings a flurry of excitement with new animals, birds and bugs as the rains signify the start of the birthing season. You can look forward to seeing lots of fawns, foals and calves from an array of animals such as antelope, impala, kudu, waterbuck and zebra.

The Green Season is the best season for birding with migrant birds returning to Hwange National Park to build their nests and raise their nestlings so we highly recommend signing up for a birding safari with one of our professional and knowledgeable guides.

Lastly, if you love butterflies, moths, fireflies, frogs, toads and other insects, be ready to witness the bush flourish with a new colourful and noisy life.

The Hide Birding - Beeeater
4. Stunning Landscapes

The warm summer rains completely transform the landscape from dusty and hazy to fresh, lush and green. Some argue that this is the time that Africa’s stunning landscape is at its finest. Our favourite time of day is during the late afternoon when you can sit back and watch the dramatic skies fill up with rain clouds which is followed by a striking sunset, allowing you to capture an array of amazing colours!

Beautiful Views The Hide Hwange National Park
5. Incredible Photographic Opportunities

As all good photographers know, light is one of the most important elements to that perfect shot. The Green Season provides the best light of the entire year, with crisp and clear air, golden glowing rays and moody greys when the clouds set in for their brief afternoon appearance, ensuring there is art in every frame. In addition, there are endless birds to photograph, flora and fauna and wildlife action, from the new-born animals taking their first steps to dramatic predator scenes.

Lightning The Hide Hwange National Park
6. Longer Days

With the sun rising much earlier and setting later in the day, you’ll have more time to enjoy game drives and more opportunities to view the vast selection of wildlife and pack the days with everything you dream of on your African safari.

Deer - Game Drive At The Hide Hwange National Park

We look forward to planning your Green Season Safari at The Hide. Contact us here to find out more.