Africa’s Greatest Safari at the Hide, Zimbabwe

By January 26, 2015February 11th, 2018News
First published on the Classic Camps of Africa website.


It’s been shunned by tourists: now the time has come for Zim to reclaim its crown as the continent’s most exciting destination.” This is how travel writer Chris Haslam introduces Zimbabwe to his readers in a recent Sunday Times feature about travelling to the country. He reiterates over and over again in his article how there has never been a better time to visit Zimbabwe than right now. And The Hide in Hwange National Park agrees with these sentiments too.

Chris writes, “Some say we should stay away until Bob has gone, so we can show solidarity with the Zimbabwean people. The Zimbabwean people argue that tourism boycotts destroy livelihoods, not regimes. But you’re not going there to make a political statement. You’re going because this is the most exciting emerging destination in Africa…”

The 3 reasons Chris gives as inspiration to visit Zimbabwe now are:
1) The country’s guides are the best in the world.
2) You get a lot for your money
3) The wildlife is astonishing.


Hwange National Park is an extraordinary Zimbabwean destination on its own. Chris describes it as having the highest diversity of mammals on Earth, with 108 species, and it’s so bereft of tourists that you can drive all day without seeing another vehicle. He continues by saying, “The same can’t be said for elephants. They steam like great, grey battle fleets from salt lick to thicket to water hole, bullying the buffalo and intimidating the impala, and their numbers are staggering.”

Some visitors come to Hwange with the sole purpose of witnessing these masses of elephants in their natural, wild territory. They are incredible.

“Beauty without borders” is the fitting motto associated to the luxury safari camp which is The Hide and its location speaks of this beauty. The Hide promises an uncrowded, intimate bush stay with accommodation in ten beautiful tented suites with views over the waterhole and numerous safari activities on offer.

Gavin, co-owner of the camp encourages everyone who hasn’t yet visited to come and experience the beauty of the Africa from this safari-dreamy destination. It is as good as it sounds.

Recently, guests at the Hide had the privilege of witnessing a “Super Full Moon” or –“Lunar Perigee” in the bush.
Here are the facts behind the phenomenal sighting:
The distance of the moon from the Earth varies throughout the month and year. The average distance is about 238,000 miles (382,900 kilometres).
The moon’s position closest to Earth is referred to as ‘perigee’. If a full moon is closer than 360,000 kilometres at perigee, it is considered a Super Full Moon.

While sipping sun downer drinks in the Hwange wilderness, scenes of the “Full Moon rising” were taken in by those lucky few guests who will remember the experience forever.