An Update from The Hide Community Trust

By September 9, 2019September 17th, 2019Community Blogs

At The Hide, we like to actively help our community, environment and wildlife as often as we can, and support others in their initiatives. In the past few months, we have had great pleasure in working with two of our agents in their corporate social responsibility efforts.

Wheelchairs for Dete Community

Mavros Safaris and Patrick Mavros, along with the Behring Foundation donate 5 wheelchairs to the Dete Community from the support of The Hide Community Trust. The Behring Global Educational Foundation is dedicated to improving the education, health and well-being of individuals globally by providing comprehensive, needs-based solutions, and was established upon the tremendous success of the Wheelchair Foundation, a non-profit organization founded by Kenneth E. Behring in 2000, and which is now a sub-division of BGEF.  A wonderful ceremony was held where the 5 brand-new wheelchairs were handed over to their delighted and very deserving recipients. It was a joyous occasion with much dancing and thanksgiving all round!

Mavros Wheelchair Ceremony Gallery
Mavros Wheelchair Ceremony
Mavros Wheelchair Ceremony Gallery 1
Mavros Wheelchair Ceremony Gallery 2

Pumping Legs for Water

Pumping Legs for Water is a well-established initiative by the conservation organisation, Wildlife and Environment Zimbabwe (WEZ) which was first started 10 years ago during a dreadful drought to raise funds to source more water in Hwange. With the support of Zimbabwe National Parks & Wildlife Management, the event continues to raise money each year though sponsorship raised by entrants. This year, one of agents, Robyn Whaley asked The Hide to sponsor her ride. Robyn is a hobby cyclist but a passionate conservationist, and we were so impressed by her determination to raise money for Hwange National Park.

In July 2019, over 100 enthusiastic mountain bikers rode 105km Hwange itself and accompanied by escort vehicles and game rangers, over two days. For every kilometre that Robyn completed, The Hide sponsored Z$40 to this worthy cause which was a total of Z$4,600 The money raised is to buy new tanks, solar panels, fuel, spare parts and ensure the maintenance of the boreholes already there. Well done Robyn!

Pumping Water Sponsorship
Pumping Water Sponsorship 1