Guide Training at the Hide

By April 16, 2019May 21st, 2019Guides, News

Here at The Hide Safari Camp, we know that our guides are the foundation of your safari experience. And like any good foundation, we want to make sure that their knowledge of guiding, the area and our wildlife is deep. This is why each and every year, we run an annual week of Professional Guide Training to make sure our guides are the very best in the bush, and that we deliver the very best experience for you.

What makes a Guide?

Did you know that to qualify as a professional guide here in Zimbabwe, takes  4 – 7 years, which is about the same time it takes to qualify to be a doctor! This is this reason Zimbabwe’s safari guides are some of the very top in Africa. There is a rigorous learners license that encompasses wildlife, the environment, firearms and our country laws. After that, a learner guide must be an ‘appy” ( apprentice) for at least two years working under a qualified professional guide. Once deemed ready, the learner guide must pass one of the most stringent week-long practical exams in order to earn his, or her, Professional Safari Guide license.

This first video gives an insight into the sort of person it takes to be a guide. In order to pass the guiding exam, they need to be very passionate about the bush, as well as dedicated and thorough. All of our guides at The Hide have many years of experience, but like anything, we all need to practice our trade and reinvigorate our passion. Here, our guides get the time to practice their firearm drills, brush up on photographic tips and improve their tracking skills in order to lead guests safely through the bush and to approach wildlife as closely as possible.

Weapons Handling & Approaching Big Game

99% of our guests visit The Hide to appreciate our wonderful wildlife, and we work hard to ensure that this your safari experience is full of magical moments and completely safe. All of our guides carry weapons – not to hunt, but to ensure the safety of our guests if situations change. Our guides are seen here walking very close up to an elephant, and then reading the signs of the elephant when he says close is close enough.

Wrap Up

This course run by one of Africa’s top guides, Dave Christensen, has refreshed our guides and honed their already sharp skills! As Sean Hind says, ” You can learn something new every day” and our guides certainly have this past week. They can’t wait to show off what they have learnt, so be sure to book today!