Health care

Period poverty is one of the major challenges faced by girls in rural communities that we support. The inability to access female hygiene products is particularly enhanced as they often come from resource-poor households where menstruation is still considered a taboo. This has resulted in girls who are left unprepared and uneducated on how to manage their periods. The high cost of feminine hygiene products and the lack of knowledge results in many school girls missing school.

To date, we have distributed over 120 reusable sanitary pads to girls aged 12 and above to girls in our community. The reusable pads will last them for 4 years. We have been totally overwhelmed by how high the demand for these products is and the extent to which they are so desperately needed.

With assistance from The Wheelchair Foundation, we have also been able to distribute wheelchairs to disabled and elderly members of the community. We are so grateful to be able to play a small part in improving accessibility within the community.