How We Give Back To The Community And Protect Hwange’s Wildlife

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For the past 25 years, the Hide has been providing guests from around the world with a unique, memorable and authentic safari experience. The Hide has set a bar of excellence and luxury for Hwange National Park accommodation and is consistently voted as one of the “Best Safari Lodges” in Zimbabwe.

Located in a prime position in the heart of The Hwange National Park, as much as we are proud of our awards and achievements, we are pleased of the work we have done with the conservation and community development in the area. We acknowledge the privilege and responsibility that comes with our camp being in this unspoiled eco-system that requires our constant support each year.

Game drive at Hwange National park The Hide

The Hide Safari located in the heart of Hwange National Park.

Conservation & Wildlife Fund (CWF)

Africa and its wildlife are under continuous threat whereby the need for protection for African wildlife is becoming more and more important if we wish to share this with future generations. To ensure projects can run to protect these resources, concerned conservationists and stakeholders of Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park region have created a collaborative group and non-profit Trust called the Conservation & Wildlife Fund (CWF). The Hide is a founding member of this organisation which works to raise awareness and provide adequate tools for the management of wildlife recourse, their habitats and the communities surrounding these habitats.

Wildlife at The Hide Cheetah

An abundant and diverse eco-system.

CWF has set up Anti-Poaching Unit Patrols who have successfully improved patrolling, ceased poacher’s firearms, removed wire snares and confiscated and destroyed any poisons found. Poachers themselves have also been apprehended and handed over to authorities for due prosecution. In addition, CWF provides veterinary assistance to any injured animals and runs the Hwange Tuskers Project that collars large bull elephants, to study their movement and protect them from potential poaching.

Elephant Herd Hwange National Park The Hide

Hwange National Park has some of the largest elephant herds in the world.

The Long Run Initiative

The Long Run Initiative is  globally recognized as  one of the world’s largest business led sustainable development initiatives. The Hide is thrilled to be the first lodge in Zimbabwe to have become affiliated members and passed their rigorous application process. By becoming members of the Long Run we have pledged to continuous improvement in sustainability through the 4 C’s, Conservation, Community, Culture and Commerce.

The Hide Community Trust Tree Planting

Tree-planting days with the community.

The Hide Community Trust

The Hide Community Trust is a non-profit organisation established in 2015, who has been working alongside The Hide Safari Camp for almost three years in Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe. The core ethos of the Trust is that effective and long term conservation cannot exist without simultaneous sustainable community development. It is imperative that people in these areas are empowered, thus allowing them to meet their own basic food and education needs. Without this, any conservation efforts will be wasted.

The Hide Community School Children

Education is crucial for conservation!

The Hide Trust truly believes that conservation and community not only can, but MUST work hand in hand and it is this belief that has driven great efforts over the past two years.

The fractured nature of the economy has had a massive impact on people living in rural areas and notably, women have been totally disempowered in their efforts to feed and support their children.

The Hide Community Trust

These little faces need your help!

We believe in primarily working with women because they have a real need to provide for their families. So often, women are uneducated and unemployed. Due to the AIDS epidemic this country faces, many women are left widowed, and single mothers are expected to provide for their families. Zimbabwe has a high unemployment rate and so even if educated, there is still a struggle to find jobs.  The trust aims to help their empowerment, their children and ultimately the community at large.

Find out more about what The Hide Community Trust achieved in 2017 here.

The Glass Beads Project

The recycled glass beads project includes a beautiful handcrafted collection of beaded work which have been lovingly made by women who live on the outskirts of Hwange National Park from the recycled glass bottles found in the area. In a region where unemployment is at an all-time high, every bead sold helps support families in need by providing them with a steady income and conserving the natural habitat in which they live. Please visit The Hide Gift Shop to view their glass bead range and remember that your next purchase will help empower these women as well as support the local community.

Glass Bead Bracelets The Hide Gift Shop

Beautiful glass bead bracelets.

Beekeeping Project

We are thrilled to have over 20 bee hives fully occupied in the community. Since completing our beekeeping course in the Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe, each farmer involved is fully motivated and inspired to protect our bees. The Hide itself purchases the honey collected from these farmers to use in camp so definitely try it out on your next visit with us. In addition, we have created an observation hive at The Hide – please enquire during your stay with management who would be more than happy to show it to you.

The Hide Bee Keeping Project

One happy beekeeper.

Conservation Agriculture

We have been working with a group of 30 farmers over the past year and this season has been the best yet! We are proud to report that every farmer that participated in the training we provided has been able to grow enough food to feed their families for an entire year. Conservation Agriculture is done through zero tillage, compost, mulch cover and high management. Even with a very tough season of late rainfalls, these farmer’s yields have been more than anyone else in the community growing conventionally. At the start of new season, we began training 90 new farmers from surrounding communities and we look forward to watching the yields grow each year.

The Hide Conservation Farming

Empowering women through farming.

Follow our Hide Community Trust Facebook page to stay updated on our latest projects!

Pack for a Purpose

We are so grateful to all our guests who have kindly brought in supplies that go towards our community projects, they go a very long way! The Hide is a proud member of Pack for a Purpose, an initiative that allows travelers to make a lasting impact in the community of destination they are visiting. All you need to do to make a difference is to save some space and pack a few supplies in your suitcase for the local schools, clinics and communities.  To date, Pack for a Purpose has been a huge success where guests have truly helped the local communities that they visit by providing them with much needed school books, stationery and other useful learning aids.

The Hide Pack For A Purpose

Pack for a purpose loot!

If you are planning on visiting The Hide and have space in your suitcase, please take a look at our wish list here.

The Hide Community Trust Thank You

We thank you for all your support!

Thank you again to all our wonderful guests who support our initiatives, it is what keeps us going, and we are so truly grateful for it all! If you would like to find out how you might be able to get involved, please send an email to or take a look at our donations page here.