Indigenous Tree Nursery

We have established an indigenous tree nursery at the camp which is currently holding over 1000 trees.

The nursery is used to supply us with indigenous trees for our reforestation projects both in the communal areas and on our private concession. In the next few years, we are aiming to reforest 5ha of land on the concession and bordering communal areas around Hwange National Park. We have already begun this reforestation initiative and in the community, focus specifically on planting high-value fodder tree and food security trees.

We encourage guests to actively participate in the reforestation initiatives by planting a tree on The Hide’s private concession during their stay with us.

Our partnership with local artisan carvers ensures that the trees are protected and cared for once they have been planted out into the community as the carvers act as community tree guardians. This partnership ensures the preservation of traditional carving in our communities while mitigating the threats of deforestation.