Our “Second Honeymoon” Experience.

By July 31, 2017February 11th, 201825th Anniversary
Our visit to The Hide was our first experience of Safari life. We were lucky enough to see a wide variety of animals and birds, including lions and cheetas.
We were accommodated in the Honeymoon Suite – our first taste of ‘glamping’ – and were extremely impressed with the level of comfort and space. We were so close to the animals at the waterhole that our first night was spent climbing in and out of bed to try to sight what was passing our way.
The level of hospitality, meals and knowledge of the safari guides and owners will always remain with us and became the standard by which the rest of the holiday was compared.
Not sure how we qualified for the honeymoon suite, being in our 70’s but maybe we looked like we could do with another honeymoon some 47 years after the first one.
By Jenny and John Major.