Our Professional Guides

Daffy The Guide

Daffwell Murumahoko

Head Guide

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Daffy” has been with us for as long as we can remember and really is a pillar of The Hide. He joined the Hide in March 2000 and qualified as a Professional Guide in 2002. His previous experience as a Learner Guide working for a canoe adventure company took him to Kariba and the Zambezi River as well as Zambia.

With a reputation for tracking down the big cats, a charismatic sense of humour and the patience of a saint, he is well known and much loved and he has his guests coming back time and time again to experience his genuine hospitality and incredible knowledge of the bush. Daffy is married with 5 children. His interests include learning more about his profession and he enjoys photography.

From Daffy: 

“My favorite part of guiding is getting to know what my guests are interested in and making sure I make a significant difference to their safari experience. Lions are my favourite animals, I love listening to the loud vibrating sound they make.”

Theo Guide At The Hide

Theofil Ndlovhu

Professional Guide

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Theo is  36-Year-old Professional Guide who joined the Hide In March 2018.

Theo used to work for Zimparks as a Ranger for 9 years and worked for 3 years as their Professional Guide. All together 12 years as a Parks employee. I enjoy my job as a Guide I think it is the best office ever because each day you take guests out into the park and its always a different experience.

Green season is Theos favourite season. In his words “There is life everywhere and each creature looks happy. All the animals are in good shape. There is plenty of small creatures and lots of baby animals, amazing bird life too.”

From Theo:

“I like to do a lot of research because our job requires continuous learning as we deal with different guests -some are botanists, some scientists -so one has to be highly competent to satisfy clients’ needs. My favourite animal is a Zebra it will never disappoint you they always photogenic. Married with 2 children.”

Nkosi Guide Hide

Nkosi Ndlovu

Learner Guide

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Nkosi started at The Hide in August 2013 as a freelance Learner Guide and decided to stay on permanently later in 2014. His previous experience came from working at various safari camps in and around Hwange National Park. His gentle but enthusiastic manner will captivate you from the start as he shows you all he loves about this Park. Nkosi has a great interest in fishing and he enjoys reading magazines when he gets the chance. He is married with three children.

From Nkosi:

“I started at the Hide by doing free lance work in August 2013, until February the 8th 2014 when they engaged me on a contract basis.

Before that l worked for Dumazulu Tours in Dete as a learner guide, from 1998 to 2012.During the year 2012 and the beginning of 2013 l was involved with Ganda lodge, Hwange safari lodge and Miombo safaris as a free lance guide .I got my learner’s licence in 1997 and l have made every part of my guiding to be my favourite and so do all the animals.

My best guiding experience at The Hide was when l had to take my guests every day to Mbiza for a good one week. Here a pride of 13 lions including the cubs had pulled down a full size adult male giraffe .It was always exciting.“


Innocent Maketo

Learner Guide

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Innocent jokingly called “guilty” by guests and colleagues due to his friendly and calm character. Started in June 2018 as a freelance guide during which time he proved himself to be a man of the bush, he was highly praised by  guests for the way he shared his knowledge, enjoyment and passion for the bush and in March 2019 he was enrolled on a full time basis. Before then he has been working with the Hwange leopard project spending many hours in the wild tracking the elusive cats.

He is a hard-working person and looking forward to attaining his full guiding licence by end of year.

Apart from his bush life innocent is a married man blessed with 2 children. On his spare time, he enjoys reading and sharing information with fellow colleagues,

From Innocent:

“My joy of guiding is seeing my guests not wanting to go back home, there is no life like in the wild. Leopard is my favourite animal since l love the challenge of finding them.”


Our Photographic Guide

Going on safari is an exciting prospect and, for many, when the dust has been wiped off your boots and the hat hung up till next time, there is no greater pleasure than poring over the special moments you’ve captured on camera.

Photographic Angles Neil Fairlie

A native Zimbabwean, Neil Fairlie is a professional wildlife documentary filmmaker with a profound knowledge and deep respect for Africa and its wildlife. His formal experience spans a decade, including the recent Netflix series Our Planet, but his intimate knowledge of the bush, natural instincts and his skill in capturing unique moments of animal behaviour on film make him a brilliant photographic safari guide.

If you enjoy taking photographs in the wild or love the idea of it, there are a few factors we’d like to focus on!

Wildlife photography can test even the most seasoned photographer, so a decent helping of patience and commitment is a definite requirement. But so too is timing (early mornings or late afternoon/evenings for beautiful light), a good knowledge of wildlife movement and areas, where to stand or how to position the vehicle for the correct angle, ample room/storage for your equipment and also ease of movement around the vehicle – each of these are factors that Neil helps bring together beautifully for the perfect capture.

This is a rare opportunity for groups or individuals to benefit from Neil’s skills, both behind the lens and in the bush…

  • For beginners: Neil will teach you the basics of photography, help you set up your camera equipment for safari, offer various possibilities in terms of habitat and animal behaviour, and show how to edit your photos back at camp.
  • For pros: Neil will liaise with you regarding the type of animals you are interested in photographing and will identify the most likely habitats for a successful outcome. When you have your subject in sight, he will flag the signs that an animal or bird is about to put on a show, just to make sure you don’t miss that once-in-a lifetime shot.

No matter what your skill level, Neil will provide you with a better understanding and appreciation of your wild subjects, and you will come away from the experience vastly enriched, not just with magical memories, but with a renewed passion for wildlife, nature and the art of photography. If you would like to book Neil for your next photographic adventure, please get in touch here.

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