Safaris are for Seniors Too!

By November 30, 2019December 13th, 2019Family

We so loved this recent TripAdvisor review that we thought it deserved it’s own blog post on our website, as it is so true – safaris certainly are for “seniors” too. One might even say that safaris are even more suited towards seniors as you can enjoy an African safari at your leisure and stay a few days longer, as hopefully you have fewer work and family committments! The Hide in Hwange National Park is perfectly suited for wildlife lovers of all ages as we have different styles of accommodation and a range of activities to suit everyone.

Evening on Safari

TripAdvisor Review

“When we started to think about a safari, all of our friends (similar to our senior age) thought that we are crazy. They say safari is for young and sturdy! We also were somewhat stumped by the health warning about malaria and the need for prophalactic pills. But we ventured on, with our agent setting up the Hide for our safari base. Aside from the African massage, this was a first class operation through and through! The tents were really cabins, and the waterhole in front of our window allows true “senior safari” experience. The animals parade to the water daily. On those necessary, true safari drives, we encountered all that we had hoped to see, and more. Our guide and driver is so accommodating and knowledgeable. We even saw safari sunset on an African desert, complete with palm trees and elephants. For our stay, zero mosquitoes! And the meals were exquisite, thanks for the concerted planning of.”

Four Good Reasons to Book an African Safari Now:

1. Enjoy a Front Row Seat

The Hide is situated in front of a waterhole that is pumped with water year-round, and it is a magnet for wildlife in the area. If mobility is an issue, you can enjoy the most amazing widllife spectacle right from your room, or from our main A-frame. There is also a very special underground hide that is easily accessible directly from the camp, and is close distance to walk to.

African Safari Hwange
Toms Main Room

2. Rest Easy

The Hide sleeps up to 20 guests in ten comfortable and spacious deluxe, family deluxe and honeymoon deluxe tents. The tents have a myriad of different configurations with indoor and or outdoor bathtubs and showers, so you pick which suits you best. If you are a “senior” and would like to bring your children, and grandchildren with you then Tom’s Hide is the perfect way to enjoy your bucket-list safari trip to Africa as the whole family can stay in this unit.

3. Cruise in Comfort

Our safari game vehicles are modern and comfortable, and cushion as many bumps in the road as possible. As a general rule, we follow the same patterns as the animals so we go for a game drive early in the morning, and again in the late afternoon and evening. However, given the variety and density Hwange’s wildlifee is such that there is generally always something to see, so you can let us know which schedule suits you best.

Safari Game Drive Hwange
Dinner with a View

4. Treat Yourself

The last reason why seniors should definitely come on an African safari at The Hide is of course, you deserve to treat yourself! We can promise you an experience like no other – even dinner comes with a live wildlife spectacular like this. Why not get in touch with us and book in your dream safari right now.