We have had a wonderful start to our initiatives and are thrilled by the way things are going. Already in just 8 weeks we have come so far, and are feeling incredibly humbled by the kindness we have been shown.

We have formed a great relationship with the Headman of the nearby village, Mr Bitu, who only wants the best for his community, and has a large amount of respect because of it.

One of the places he showed us is a small primary school that is just outside the village, a place called Chezhou. The headmaster is great, and has done an impressive job of maintaining the school with the little support he has had.

Unfortunately, most of the buildings within the school are completely dilapidated, with classrooms practically crumbling away. Termites are a serious problem in the Hwange region, and almost impossible to get rid of. Most of the roofing is built with wooden beams which have been eaten away, meaning that these children are risking their lives everyday just by sitting in their classrooms. We are in the process of renovating these classrooms with treated beams, adequate roofing, proper storage, as well as providing educational tools for them.

blog collage 15 may

We are so thankful for the support that we have been given already, and hope to expand into the many other areas of need, such as adequate teacher’s quarters, a school garden with a  feeding scheme and much more within the community itself.

The aim of our trust is to help those around us who are in need. We do not want to just provide charity, but feel strongly about keeping a holistic and participatory approach within our initiatives. It is very important that our people are supported to become more self-empowered.

This is the first step towards something meaningful and fulfilling, there are endless needs in the area, and we are moving steadily forward in helping to combat these and improve the quality of life our people deserve! If you would like to read further about what our initiatives are and what we are trying to achieve please click here for more information.