Weather and Seasons

Hwange experiences a mild to warm climate throughout the year.

The Winter months include May through to August, where during this time, temperatures at night and in the early mornings can drop down to below 10 degrees Celsius. The days however are beautiful and warm, with clear skies and crisp air. Our summer months in Hwange are from September through to April, with rainfall expected from late November through to March and sometimes April (wet season). Our rains consist of big cloud formations and build up, with thunder and lightning adding a dramatic scene. The afternoon thunderstorms usually do not last long, but enough water is dropped to settle the dust and fill up all natural depressions and waterholes.

Mid to High Season: April – October (Winter)

The Hide Hwange Average Rainfall Graph

Best time to Visit the Hide:  July to October (Dry season). Plenty of animal viewing by the water pans.

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April – This month brings an end to the Wet season with rains becoming increasingly less. The nights are cool. Prepare for early morning games drives in open vehicles to be cold.

May, June, July, August – The coldest months of winter (although it starts to warm up a bit in August). It is a very dry time. Daytime temperatures are around 26°C/79°F, but it gets very cold at night with average temperatures of around 7°C/40°F.

September, October – The dry weather continues but is broken up by the first rains in late October/beginning of November. This settles the dust and brings new vegetation. Daytime temperatures are over 32°C/90°F. October is the hottest month, and temperatures frequently peak over 40°C/104°F.

Green Season: November to March (Summer)

November – This month brings a start to the rainy season, although it is rare for rain to fall every day. It is still hot, and daytime temperatures average around 32°C/90°F.

December, January & February – The wettest months bring rain most days, but rarely lasting the whole day. Rains are usually afternoon showers, followed by hours of sunshine – although it can also drizzle continuously for a couple of days. Daytime temperatures average 29°C/84°F, while night and early mornings average 18°C/64°F.

March – Temperatures average between 30°C/86°F and 16°C/61°F, and the Wet season slowly comes to an end.